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When I was six years old I lived in   New York City  . On the next street was Mr.   Abruzzi   's grocery store where my mother would shop everyday. In the grocery store was a small red penny gumball machine.
If I was good Mr. Abruzzi would give me a penny to buy a gumball from the machine. He had a son my age by the name of Tony. Tony wasn't very athletic, but he had a toy Pogo Stick that I envied a great deal. Tony would hop all over the store inside and outside.
That Pogo stick and gumball machine I will never ever forget, and it was from that memory over 50 years ago that I became fascinated with Pogo Sticks. Those fond memories led to believe that today - there are boys and girls, men and women, of all ages that would love the memory and experience of having their very own Pogo Stick.

We specialize in selling the very best in Pogo Sticks from several different
manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers have been making these wonderful toys since 1918.

American Pogo Stick Company
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Marina del Rey, CA. 90292
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