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Style B  (IN STOCK)


This style is inserted into the hollow metal shaft of the pogo stick.
We can get you Style A pogo rubber tips from 7/8"- 1-1/4" for any pogo stick model.

Style B Rubber tips that we have are for the following named Pogo Sticks.
Foam Mavarick
Foam Master
Super Pogo Stick
Super2 Pogo Stick
Wooden Retro Pogo Stick

Taking care of your rubber tip.
Please follow these guidelines below.

Rubber tips, all models: Remove old rubber tip by twisting off. It may be necessary to pry it out with a small screwdriver. Make sure the chrome piston tube is not plugged with dirt or damaged. Small burrs can be removed with a file. Soak the new tip in hot water for 60 seconds; this will make installation much easier. Install new rubber tip by twisting and pushing in. Do not use lubricants as they can cause the tip to fall out during use.

Mavarick and Master Foot Pads in the colors shown
Mavarick and Master Hand Grips in colors shown
Price for each: $9.95


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