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Flybar 1200
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The Best Pogo Stick On The Market, September 5, 2004 by Ashrita Furman (New York, New York, USA)
My name is Ashrita Furman and I've loved pogo stick jumping ever since I was a kid. There is the expression "jumping for joy" and when I jump on a pogo stick, I am filled with joy. I have a passion for breaking Guinness records so, naturally, I have set several records on the pogo stick. Since I am also a travel agent, some of these records have been in exotic places. One of my favorite records was climbing the foothills of Mount Fuji in Japan on a pogo stick to set a distance record which I later broke by going 23 miles around a track in New York City. I've bounced up the steps of the world's tallest structure, the CN Tower in Toronto, set the fastest pogo mile record in Antarctica and even pogo stick jumped underwater in the Amazon River in Peru! So I think it's safe to say that I am an authority on pogo sticks!

The Flybar people, after giving me a used model to try out, asked me to give a review of their product. So here is my honest opinion - it's the best pogo stick on the market, by far. Infact, in a sense, it's a reinvented pogo because there are no springs. Instead it uses a system of elastic bands which makes it extremely versatile. You can adjust the tension of the pogo so an adult or a kid can use it and also you can make it as bouncy as you want. Unlike spring-driven pogos, you can't bottom out on it. I tried out the Flybar in Washington Square Park and people were watching me in utter amazement. You can really fly on the thing!

Let me just say this - the Flybar is awesome fun and it is a serious exercise tool. If you are intense about it, 15 minutes of jumping is enough time to give you a heart-pounding, full body workout. I'm not sure how the Flybar would hold up underwater in the Amazon River, but on land it's a total blast!

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