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Limited Edition Liquid Chrome Pogo Stick!

* *In the U.S. only. Outside of the US call or email for shipping quote**

 Exciting newLiquidChrome Limited Edition Master Pogo Stick

Healthy exciting  fun for boys and  girls.

•Safe for ages 8  to 84

•Precision made  metal pogo stick  will last for years.

•Replaceable  non-slip, safety  handles, foot  pads, & rubber  tip.

•Will safely  support 80 to 160  lbs.

•Lots of good  healthy fun and  exercise, indoors  and outdoors.

•Fun for boys and  girls of all ages!

•Jet Black color.

•People that have purchased the pogo stick have also purchased an additional rubber pogo tip.

Only $89.50



Deluxe Digital pogo jump counter SM-2000

The accuracy is about 92-96%, we recommend this unit for pogo stick jumps,
step counting and any basic step or walking health program.

Counts up to 99,900 jumps.    

Your Price:  $9.95

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