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The Vurtego V3 is the next step in the evolution of high performance pogo sticks. These pogo sticks are pneumatic (air powered). Simply put, it works by compressing air rather than steel. This is a tremendous advantage over other pogo sticks because it is very light and fully adjustable. With a fully integrated one piece bottom bracket and stainless steel slider shaft rotated 45 degrees for added strength, the V3 is the lightest and strongest pogo stick we've ever built. The larger pedal surface area provides a stable platform for beginning riders, and optional riser bars allow riders to choose less aggressive configurations for exercise-focused bouncing. The V3 - air is good! Comes standard with SoftTop top cap protector.


*Notes: Vurtego pogos come completely assembled, but before use they must be inflated with air. This is easily done with a bicycle pump, or an air compressor. Riders of all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities can use the VURTEGO3 simply by adjusting the air pressure to the desired level for their intended use.


Rider must weigh a minimum of 100-220Lbs)
Small: 4'8" - 5'4"

Medium: 5'3" - 6"

Large: 5'1" - 6'5"

Only $398.50

Deluxe Digital pogo jump counter SM-2000

The accuracy is about 92-96%, we recommend this unit for pogo stick jumps,
step counting and any basic step or walking health program.

Counts up to 99,900 jumps.    

Your Price:  $9.95

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